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Plumbed Vs Bottled

The benefits of having filtered water at your finger tips with no hassles


Eliminate expensive and heavy bottles!

No need to waste time and money on bottle deliveries. No more WHS issues with staff moving heavy bottles.

Free up your storage

With a plumbed system there is no need to have your space taken up with large heavy water bottles. You have unlimited water supply at the touch of a finger.



Save Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year

You could be saving hundreds of dollars per year. Bottled water can cost you as much $9.90 per 12L bottles. Plumbed in water costs only a couple of cents per litre. It won’t take long to see substantial savings with a plumbed in system.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

According to the World Wildlife Federation, the bottled water industry put 1.5 million tons of plastic into the environment each year. Plus the cost and carbon impact is enormous just get the bottles delivered to our workplace. There’s the processing plant, the sanitation system and then there’s the actual delivery truck.



Greater Hygiene

With a fully enclosed system you are provided with greater hygiene of your water. No more worries about when was that bottle changes? How old is that bottle? Was it stored out of the sunlight? It is not unusual to see green growth inside a bottle as a result of bacteria build up.

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