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RP2G (Small)

RP Series

Designed and manufactured to suit homes, offices, factories and school application – or just about anywhere where a mains connected water cooler is required, but connection to a drain is not possible.  Ideally these units are suited for connection to most water filtration systems.

RP brochure


D5 Series

Australia’s favourite point  of use (pou) water cooler offers a never ending supply of refreshing hot/cold or cool/cold water. They attach directly to your water source and are able to accommodate a variety of filtration/purifications devices. The huge 12L reservoir makes the D5 perfect for busy offices and high usage areas. It is also ideal for use with Reverse Osmosis purification systems.

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Alpine Series

Our Waterworks ALPINE series point of use (P.O.U.) Water centres can provide a never ending supply of refreshing Hot & Cold or Cool & Cold water. They attach directly to your water source and are able to accommodate a variety of purification devices, but if mains pressure water is unavailable or unsuitable for a particular application, they also have the added versatility of being able to accept spring water bottles when combined with the optional conversion kit.

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D10 Series

All of our water dispensers come with a full 2 year warranty giving water specialists the security, peace of mind and confidence to get on with growing their business. The D10 “Converta-Coola”  is modern in design with the reliability our clients are accustomed to.

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D14 Series

Stylish, modern and easy to clean! A welcome edition to any water cooler fleet. Easily converts to a bottle top water cooler giving water specialists the flexibility to adapt to any market.

Stainless steel tanks in both cool/cold & hot/cold options delivering 5L cold water or 3.5L hot water.

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Avalanche Bench Top POU

Another Waterworks “Converta-Coola” The Avalanche is designed to sit conveniently on a kitchen or office bench. This unique design offers effective cooling through the proven “evaporator band” cooling technology.

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SD5CH Hot Cold Bench Top POU

D5 Series Bench Top

The SD5 series is a smaller “bench top” cooler with all the advantages of its’ taller relative (D5). The large 12L reservoir offers a never ending supply of refreshing cool/cold or hot/cold water. These mains connected, drain free centres connect to a variety of water filtration products and are covered by a 2 year warranty.

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Under Sink Faucet

Under Sink Filter Systems

The system is available in a single stage system (1-2 people) or a twin (3+). The system comes standard with a Pressure Limiting Valve. Because we import we can offer the highest quality at the lowest price

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RM Series

Waterworks Patented design RM Series mains fountain. 1.9 litre tank, 10 LPH. 100% rust proof cabinet, bubbler and glass filler. 410W 410D 1180H.

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Office Spring

Office Spring is the new hassle-free way to provide your office with a constant flow of pure, chilled water!

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PB1_Black-Stainless Steel

PB1 Benchtop

Suits most modern offices or domestic applications. It has “whisper” quiet operation. It’s reliable, safe and efficient.

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Iron Stone M-Series

M Series Freestanding Drinking Water Fountain

The M Series, our most popular mains connected water cooler is a hardwearing, sturdy unit with a variety of applications. These units can be found in schools, construction sites, hospitals, factories and many other applications where a cold drinking water is required.

M Series brochure

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